My name is Molly and I LOVE creating images through photography.

I went to University of Florida wanting to pursue psychology, but it didn't take me long to figure out it was not my destiny. I much preferred people watching outside to being in the classroom and studying textbooks. A defining moment for me was when a room mate came home with A FILM DEVELOPING canister. THAT quick, like the snap of a finger, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to capture the people I love to watch on film, I wanted to travel and experience things through photography and I wanted to share my images with everyone. I called home, signed up for photojournalism school and dreamed big. I remember calling the head photography instructor on the phone in excitement before the new semester and telling him, "I am so excited to enroll in your class, I want to work for National Geographic and LIFE Magazine." I obviously had NO idea what BIG dreams those were. I learned ALL of the basics of photojournalism and newspaper photography. But a run in with my instructor who told me the world is UP, DOWN and STRAIGHT, that there was no room for artistic interpretation in journalism turned me off. Would you believe 2 hours away in Daytona Beach (my home town) was a photography school. The Southeast Center for Photography. I quickly transferred and spent at least 8 hours a day there, doing nothing but photography LOVING every minute. Studying the work of master photographers in books, museums and galleries quickly made me realize the world was NOT only UP and Down. I found my passion in photographing people, first BIKE WEEK and then my fist huge independent project; A Florida State Correctional Facility. I made portraits and did interviews.
That was 15 years ago, I moved to Pennsylvania, got married, ran a successful wedding photography business with emphasis on a documentary point of view. I had 2 beautiful children and I have worked as a portrait and commercial photographer from babies to factories while raising them. While at home I pursued art, solo and group shows, grants and more. Both of my children are in school now and I am done with portraits, commercial and everything in between. I have rediscovered my LOVE of photography and I am pursuing art which I sell in my online galleries and in boutiques. I am ready to start self assigning magazine ideas to myself and follow my dreams again. And I am ready to offer other people help and a PUSH in the right direction with their art and photography through one on one critique sessions and more in depth one on one classes on line if they would like. CONTACT me anytime for more information on my art or MY HELP:)

PS the work in the prison must have inspired me, I recently retired as a licensed bail agent for 14 years working part time with my father and Bail USA.