Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Will your Games outlast YOU? Vintage Treasures

I have recently acquired some very vintage - mid century family style games. They are so fun to look at. I love the wooden pieces, colors and decorations on the packages. I started to think about HOW and WHY these games have managed to survive. Not just the game, which is awesome enough, but these individual games that belonged to someone.

This Monopoly game is from 1936. I try to imagine my 95 year old grandmother playing with this set.
Memories being made around the table with family are so important. I wonder when this family put the board game away and there were no younger generations wanting to play with it anymore? It isn't hard for me to figure out why this board, with it's age is still alive and preserved with it's pieces. People were not wasteful. This is after the depression. People understood the value of a dollar. Now a days people would easily keep a game for a couple of years and when a stain or spill is on it, trash it and buy a new one.
 BA HUM BUG to that. In my mind, the marks on the edges where elbows have probably sat, while the player decided their real estate strategy makes it more impressive to me. It's a treasure within a treasure.

I had a set of Pick up Sticks when I was young, but this set it from my parents were little.

I love the colors and the little characters. This is a classic game because you can play with your brother and sister or entertain yourself for hours. It also travels so great. A true American Classic. Portable, lightweight and something that you can continue to challenge yourself with, this is why Pixie Pic Up Stixs are here.

My husbands grandfather was still playing Dominoes at 92 when he died
 (why are dominoes such a classic for men)

This unique set of dominoes is from the 1940s and they are made of wood. The front is the Statue of Liberty.
Another classic game that doesn't fade from fun or need "remade" in another year. As a photographer I spent time photographing inside of a Florida State prison. dominoes and cards were what was on the agenda. They are easy, safe and timeless. And there are so many different ways you can play.
Although if you start a game in prison.... YOU better make sure everyone agrees on the same set of rules.
Just Sayin.....

Which brings me to the ultimate classic

I learned to play canasta with my Grammy before I could read. Poker, solitaire and rummy, I don't think there is an American alive that can honestly say they have not at least heard of all 3.
This set is unique because there is a pack from Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And each card is still with it's original deck. I cannot count how many decks my family has gone through. And isn't it a shame, when 1 cars is gone the deck goes in the trash usually.

I challenge you to rethink all of the games you have at home. Start looking at the marks and wounds and battles of an excitement filled night around the table with family and friends.
How many games made in 2012 do you think will still be completely usable in 2072?


  1. I love playing Dominoes. 2 games that will be around until the end of time Chess & Checkers.

  2. THAT is for sure. I need to find a really old set:)