Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Brownie's Visit Premier Sand Artist Joe Castillo

We may live in a small town, but we are blessed with the opportunities around us.
There is a Penn State Campus right in the center of our town.
 Last week a world renowned artist, Joe Castillo, came to the DuBois Penn State Campus to perform.
He is the Premier Sand Artist of our time.
I watched a clip on Joe's website and knew nothing was keeping me away, but I really wanted to share it with the 9 Brownie's I lead.

I messaged Joe to ask what the topic would be. His art is all storytelling based and there were clips ranging from 911 (which I watched and cried) to the the Passion, just in time for Easter.
I was so surprised when immediately his lovely wife Cindy wrote me back and said that they were not sure which stories would be shown but that Joe would be more than happy to meet the girls and help them earn an art badge.
DuBois 26315

JOE is the guy in the classic beret. He did not disappoint. The girls left so incredibly inspired not only by the art, the sand and the storytelling but by the man himself. I don't know that I have ever met such a successful artist, one that has performed for presidents, kings and dignitaries that is SO humble and left each of the girls feeling like their questions mattered to him.

To describe what Joe does sounds easy, he draws pictures in the sand. But to achieve what he does is far from easy;  for me it was more about the emotion and impact that comes through his fingers in the sand. It is truly a dance being done in the sand, so beautifully that it brings tears to your eyes. It is  projected live on a larger screen with music.
If Joe isn't coming to a place near you (he has a calendar on his website) you can't go wrong investing in a video.
You can purchase DVD's of the different shows Joe does on his website.
There is a great selection of Christian videos that include, The Passion, The Creation, The Christmas Story and The Prodigal Son. I can't wait to share the video we purchased with our pastors.


  1. What a wonderful artist, how grand for the Brownies to meet and experience his artistry!


  2. Thank you it was grand indeed:)

  3. Molly,

    This was a wonderful experience. Emily absolutely loved Joe. Before the show, she gave him a picture she drew herself and he told her how much he loved it and they talked about what was in the picture and he gave her a big hug encouraging her to keep up the good work.

    He does have a Facebook page, I am not sure if you found it, but I looked as soon as I got home that night. Thank you for giving the girls this opportunity.

  4. So glad she enjoyed it so much.
    Yes I am a fan of his facebook page:!/sandstory