Thursday, March 15, 2012

Vintage Trench Coat the best Feedback I ever received

I have been holding onto the email I received from a lady who purchased this pink vintage trench coat because it made me so happy and I thought it was sweet and very cool.
And one of the reasons it may have been EXTRA cool is because my husband grew up 3000 miles away in the very same SMALL beach town, locals only feeling near San Diego, Point Loma.
Also, my MOM was the model for the fashionable piece so I can share her with you too,
She's cute:)

She said:
"It just came today, and it is AMAZING! I spent the last 7 months in Afghanistan searching the internet for a colored knee-length belted trench coat that wasn't $1500 at burberry. Thank you so much! I will happily be wearing it all over san diego!"

So I thought this was a cool little personal share, got to find this super cool trench coat, had a photo shoot with my mom, connected with a lady 3000 miles away in a tiny town my hubby grew up in and found she had been searching for 1 half way around the world.
It is a SMall Small world:)
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  1. Nice story and cute coat! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog:) It helps me know I am not always talking to myself;)

  3. i'm new to your blog but just had to comment. i love neat, personal stories like these and your mom wears that trench coat well!

  4. Thank you Lisa for the kind comment, I will definitly pass it on to my mom, it will make her day:)